Get2Gather 2018

Get2Gather Prelude

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Get2Gather 2018

Over 55 ahpeks & ahpohs got2gather again over the weekend. Positive side, we managed to spend over 4 hours of talking cock & bulls to last the rest of our lifetime again. Somehow we managed to get hold of Casper Oh Hock Sun after 55 years of lost contact. And mind you, many are from K,.L, some from Singapore and 2 from Hong Kong.... and yet these diehards make it a point to be here.

However, along the way we have lost 4 of our classmates - Lau Tak Futt, Robert Ong Bok Kooi, Eoh Hook Khim & Lim Chee Boon. A minute of silence was observed to mark their absence.

And..... those still unable to make it this time due to their unforeseen circumstances, mainly medical and other family commitment, we hope to see you just for a few hours the next time around .... next year abut the same time and same place for the annual mini get2gather.

Everyone walking in had thier ears scanning for a familar voice (cos the physical side can play havoc to the eyes). Of course Huggy Bear was there with outstretched arms for the girls.
There was then a short self intro by Casper Oh Hock Sun & Tin Swee Kheng to refresh the others memory of them, a slide show of the past year was shown with the climax PFS Boleh, with the 2 Ahpeks who became fathers recently whilst the rest were promoted to Datuk & Nenek. Of course we had another of our classmates, Gan Khai Choon who was also awarded a Datukship recently by the Penang Governor.
Dinner was served... or rather you get your own dinner....buffet style.

After dinner, the reps from each class were invited to do the cake cutting ceremony. The cake was donated by Khai Choon.
Harris on behalf of all then thanked the co ordinators Eng Soon, Soon Keat, Chong Hye, Khai Choon & Cheng Woh for bringing us together every 5 years.

Soon Keat followed up and waved his magic wand to call for money. You can see them coming forward with 2 50 notes in their hand. (I could not photograph myself in the act).  After reaching a target he put his hand up and stopped the collection.

 The rest of the bill was topped up by him. TQ Soon Keat & Khai Choon.

more photos from Harris