This is a prelude to the get2gather.

55th Anniversary Get2Gather 
31 March 2018
7.00 pm at Copthorne Orchid
Tanjung Bungah, Penang

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Get2Gather 2018 - A Prelude

  It has not been long ago, it seems, that a bunch of 63 PFS's "boys and girls" met for the 50th Get2Gather. Now we are talking again to seeing each other after all the "chat chat chat" on the new found gadget and form of communication - Whats App. Here you hide behind a mobile and simply blast out your thoughts as well as wishing everyone Good Morning without fail each day.

 Well finally the day will be arriving, but this sea scout Soon Chan and his wife Pam from down under beat us all and sailed the seven seas and met with his mates except for me who was a cadet in school. Thanks to Eng Keat who hosted the grand lunch for 13 of us.

Get2Gather 2018 - A Prelude in K.L.

  This "Hai Kow" can really swim. Down the Malacca Straits up the KL River and here he is with his buddies.