Get2Gather 2017 with Quah Heng Chooi (Little Richard)

  Another old friend from Oz is in town - Little Richard. Though without the "Curry Pok" as you can see from the shots taken, he is still the great story teller. We used to be entertained by him with his stories and jokes from Minden, those days when most of us stayed behind during the Mondays and Thursday lunch break. Still as jovial as before,a group of us took time to meet him at short notice ..... and you guessed it..... talk "cock" all afternoon long. Bison was also there, a new born after his op.


Photos: Cheng Woh

Get2Gather 2017 with Choy Peng Wah (Benggali)

  These 4 ah peks went "ah pek" hunting. They took the ETS to KL and met up with Benggali and then took the rail home again. See how time flies!
2 kojaks enjoying prime time together.

Then the reverse happened, this time, Peng Wah came over to Penang and a few of us met up and talked of old times.


Get2Gather 2017 with Tai Lee Sung

  Tai Lee Sung came all alone to Penang from Singapore and a few of us met up at Happy Cafe. See how happy he is with the green bottle in front even though he could not remember all of us except for Bison and Sahat.