in Penang & Singapore
with Heng Chooi & Tay Lee Kheng

Little Richard suddenly emerged from down under. Staying in Perth for more than a decade means having lost contact with close friends and classmates. Here he is at an outdoor restaurant with Cheng Lee, Chor Hoe, Khing, Kok Voon, Tet Soon, Bison, Eng Khuan, Beow, Ba Joo, Peng Kiat & Wai Hoong & of course yours truly Cheng Woh (photographer) & Kay Poh who are not in the photo.
To contact him, do it via Peng Kiat.

Tay Lee Kheng, again in Penang - Jan 2006
With him outside Ocean Green Restaurant, in Penang after a lunch hosted by Eng Keat are:
Cheng Woh, Khing, Chee Boon, Eng Keat, Cliff Toh, Lee Kheng (of course) Soo Cheng and Lee Kheng's Sea Scout Master, Mr Ch'ng Eng Kee.

Date: CNY 2003 - Here is  Tay Lee Kheng when he came from across the ocean acalling in 2003. With him were Khoon Hin from Singapore and Harris Beh from KL. Wanting to meet him were Chong Eng Keat, Khoo Kay Poh, Aw Chai,  Wai Hoong, Cheng Woh, H'ng Bah Joo, Chin Oon and a number of others. So Hwang Theng Khing organised a dinner for 20 on 1 February. Of course since it was CNY, we had Yee Sang. 
Here we are, those who came to meet and dine with Tay.

* With a balance of RM44.00 left from the dinner collection - it will go to the fund for this website.

Another pic of them at the Penang Club

Here he is again with Yam Kwai Lam, SK,  Tay LK (of course), KC Gan,  Teoh Sek Hong & Robert Yam
Khoon Hin again, Sok Chzeng, Joo Eee & Hubby Han in Singapore.