Suddenly out of the blues in 2007, came an email of a long lost brother from downunder finding his other brothers across the ocean.  Then there were emailings here and there until finally in February 1st, 2008  we saw Ming Lip in person. Still has not grown much but the same guy we knew back in school. Cheng Woh  though taller than him by a head had never beaten him in 200m (additional sports)  through all the 5 years in school but then Ming Lip had never beaten CW in high jump either.

Well no need to elaborate, the happy faces below tells the story of the meeting of some  school mates and seascouts together with their scout master.

Photos of  Chew Ming Lip with classmates and sea scouts. And we also thank him for his RM50 donation  to the website fund. (cw is not in the photo as he is behind the camera)