When Joo Ee comes to towm it is good enough for a Get2gather. Her visit  to see the boys here was specially to hand over the DVD's that her husband Han has labourously  put up  from thei Beijing Trip that serveral of our Ah Peks and a few of their friends and associates made - thanks to the hospitality from KC Gan.

Anyway as usual  we took the opportunity to have lunch at Sun Yat Sen, thanks to Khing's generosity, and then had durians just outside the building by the roadside, thanks to the generosity  of Eng Keat. Durians are not cheap - RM50 for 2 kg that was what they had. For me I just snapped away with my camera.

You can check out their trip using this link.

Photos & Text by cw

More to come when they get back from Beijing