Getting 2gather now and then seems a lot harder. Reason - grandchildren taking most of our time as many of the fathers now turn grandfathers - either clowning like 'monkeys' to entertain their  grandchildren or having to ferry them to school and back, not forgetting tuition. Wah! a whole cycle coming back again for us.

Anyway, a phone call from Khai Choon - "Meet at Copthorne tonight - at  7.00 sharp". Was there and him not  so Malaysianised now, true enough 3/4 of  the crowd was there except for the Malaysians.

The gathering this time was an impromptu thing and as usual we had to barge into KC's family dinner gathering again. Those who could make it at short notice were there. I have to apologise for being in the dark on the gathering due to email communication breakdown as I am not using the usual email add annymore due to spam.. spam... spam...

To know who came. check the photos. TQ for the generosity KC.
(note: you would notice some unfamilar faces . One of them is  CA Lim, the other 2 are Khing's house mates way back in the days when they were in London.

Photos & Text by cw

More to come when they get back from Beijing