Getting 2gather can be of any form.  In February, Soon Keat got us on the phone using the back of a  little piece of precious name card (probably was given to him by someone) where he has our numbers scribbled there. This guy  still do not  own or carry a mobile, but instead brings along people who has a mobile.

We met at a little outlet opened by Bison. (see map on how to get to this place) and where ever we are it does not matter, still we would chatter away just as we did when we were school boys ( ..... and do you realise that is already) half a century ago.

On April 3rd when the Penangkias return home, they met this time at Hotel Royal thanks to the effort of OCH. It was a small gathering as there were clashes everywhere as some had religious obligations to fulfil while others had personal commitments and there were others who had made their travelling plans. However it was good to see the girls, Aw Chai, Cheang Kheng, Tak Futt and Lily Hua.

And you know what, I was so busy talking that I forgot totally to get photos of the girls who attended. My apologies to Sok Chzeng & Yoon Kum who are not in the photo.

Anyway, time is catching up on us.... so do make an effort  next year .

Photos & Text by cw