This year's gathering somewhat had a different light to it. Our great Organizer OCH was not around to wave his magic wand to get everyone together. Somehow, the diehards would not miss this annual event and gate crashed into Khai Choon's family gathering at the Nyonya Restaurant in Aboo Sittee Lane. Thanks Khai Choon!

Well somehow, the night was still young when the food  was finished and 4 guys with a young lady took off to the hills into Eng Khuan's hide away.  61 and going strong, one should marvel the way how he manuever his Land Rover up the winding stretch up Penang Hill at 9.30 pm and down again later at midnight. An F-1 class driver performing 360 degrees turns and and hair pins corners. Some stretches, if you look down from the window, it is a few hundred feet drop. Our reward - durians up the hill. Maybe next year, we should hike up to his bungalow (not run as we did in 1959) spend a day and come down in the evening. Of course to answer your question, there is always another option, use the train.

Think about it!!

Photos & Text by cw

see u next year!

Oct 14 - Tay Lee Kheng arrived in Penang, this time with his wife Marissa  from US via Davao met by Eng Keat & Khing at the airport. Lee Kheng  met up with old friends like Fook Seng where we had Hainanese Lunch (on Khing who quietly went into the kitchen to settle the dues). The following day was sea food (on Eng Keat) where he met up with Hon Yin, and also with Poh Seng who incidentally also back to Penang from the US. What were they talking about - hockey  lah... and of course those good old days over & over again. The night dinner was Thai (on Eng Khuan).

Before he left for Cameron Highlands for a get-away up the hills, and then to meet Harris & OCH in KL,  he insisted on donating RM50 for the website which he said had enabled him to link with all his classmates again.

At the Hainanese lunch.

Seafood lunch at Ocean Green.

Thai food with Eng Khuan

After 3 days in Cameron Highlands and high on boh tea, Lee Kheng managed to meet Harris in KL with oral instructions from Harris and a print out map from Googles provided by Cheng Woh. .As usual our meetings end up around the dining table. Here are some pics with Teng  Sun,  Lily Wah, Chong Hye, Harris, Tat Seng, Tajuiddin, Kok Seng, and a senior  Kok Beng whom they bumped into at the same restaurant.

After having gone round half the globe, Lee Kheng is now back in the States and most probably casting his vote for the next  president. However as promised he sent back 3 photos of his visit to KL & Singapore. Here he is seen with Harris & Teng San.

Look like OCH has accompanyied him down to Singapore to meet Khoon Hin & Sek Hong. Being away from home too long, and too much restaurant food, he is later hosted to  home cook food - SH but with Penang touch.

It was not co incidental to tind Gan KC in Penang in December . A few of us had lunch at May Garden with him. Amongst us was  Xaverian Desmond . This time the topic turned to sports between SXI and PFS and of course the good old days. Then after the second course, Sok Chzeng popped in and the topic switched to one of interest to all - heritage and the Nyonya Baba. EK Ong also claimed himself as a baba too. 

Then we found out that Gan was here for a nyonya baba wedding too - that of his niece. Read this extract from the Star Online or you can check out the pdf printout.  After lunch we were taken on a tour of Sok''s newly restored house in Muntri Street. 

The Stroll along Muntri Street. before going to Sok's house which  is on the opposite row of this lot.

Taking a look at Sok's roots in the retored heritage house in Muntri Street and then to a tour of the house.