The Annual Reunion is inevitable as faithful sons and daughters of Penang return annually. This year attracted Teong Chye who had been away for almost 10 years, Grandfather Peng Ewe & Lee Sun from Singapore, Beow Chuan, Nonie Lim Suan Seok, Oo Leng Hwa' and his wife.
  We had the usual attendance of the diehards from both the girls & boys (if these two terms still applicable) but  Khai Choon, Gitu, Khing, Chee Boon and a number of others could not make it.
  The evening was wonderful and  became better as a number of us adjourned to chat the night away on you know what-lah....
  Oh not forgetting  OCH with his antiques ... chatting up the ladies!  Anyway ... OCH ... you did a good job in organising this gathering. Keep IT up!
  Those who can, make it next year  - so wait for our cue to call!

Photos & Text by cw

see u next year!