Get2Gather 2019

Time has come again for our little annual gathering and as usual it will be at Copthorne Orchid, Penang.
 Calling all class of 63 and 6th Formers of 65.
To attend -  just be there or contact anyone of us. 

This time around 26 gathered for the annual mini get2gather with the absence of the regulars - Soo Cheng, Huggly Beh, Khoon Hin & Chak Ming.  But Casper Oh, Peng Kiat & Chin Oon were there with KK Cheow from Melbourne who came with his wife & another Old Frees from 1964 who is from Perth.
KC Gan flew back from HK, and EK Ong cancelled his yacht trip to Phuket just to be with us. Not forgetting Khing who also rushed back from HK.
Leng Hwa & wife drove all the way from Ipoh and each year he does the same to be here while Sok Chzeng is from Singapore. Kim See is now in Penang so meeting up will be more often.
Topic of focus - Gitu who recently passed away suddenly. We all missed his attendance too and we also missed a whisky kaki.