Get2Gather 2017

  Another year another round of meeting up with old classmates and talk "cock" all night round. Reminiscing or whatever it is, still an enjoying evening with those you had spend great periods with 53 years ago. Add another 17 to it and that makes up our age now. The girls missed the Beh Hugger who had to be in his "sauna" at this time of the year hibernating in the severe winter cold of Canada.

Chin Oon and a number of others joined us for the first time since we started this get2gather in 2002. Let's not forget Wee Kheng who flew in from NZ.  What more was Mrs Oh, our Chemistry Teacher

This year a number of 1962 batch of seniors also joined in. Say what you like - it was a great night......"Oh what a night! by Elvis" though the great Elvis wannabe Robert Ong could not be with us!

Photos: Cheng Woh