Mention Law Beng Kong... comes the question whether ... are you referring to Lam Kong Beng?
But repeating with the name KUDA.... comes the reply... Argh!.. I remember that old horse.

I managed to contact him in Adelade from Melbourne on the phone in 2012 and the promise he made that we will meet one day back home has finally materilized.

We booked him for lunch and met him at the hotel he had put up. Beow and me were early. After 15 minutes of standing we decided to take a seat at the lounge and wait with another man who was seated there.  After a while, he looked up and gazed at Beow and then me. We returned our gaze but then in our mind... this guy cannot be Kuda! The question ran out almost automatically.... Are you ???????.    True enough Kuda was there ... the old horse was waiting for us and could not recognize us.....after 54 years of not setting eyes on each other.....Boy ... how we have aged - lah! Really ah pek looking all of us.

This was just like the first time I organised the come 2 gather in 2003. When the rest turned up... knowing me...I made him guess who each one was....Anyway we enjoyed ourselves ... as usual explaining and recollectiong by scanning our minds of the links we had 54 years ago.

As Chee Boon turned up, we could not go far from the hotel which had no buffet lunch and decided on the nyonya cuisine behind the hotel. Full - so we settled on the coffee shop next door which Gitu was happy as he is on a vegetarian diet. Eng Keat was generous ordering most of the dishes and paying for them. The old horse pushed aside my money and paid for the drinks all round.

To talk more - we moved to the OFA and yak yak yak again. When about to to leave we met our teacher Hwang Hong Shi aka "Horse shoe" (sorry master!..for that) and then yak again. It was a classical case of an old horse and his horse shoe.

Thanks to those who made it a once in a life time event for him : Teik Meng, Eng Soon, Kok Voon, Aw Chai, Leng Chooi, Beow, Gitu, Chee Boon & wife, Khing, Eng Keat, Soon Keat, Cheng Woh.