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The 50th Anniversary Get2Gather started with "Ah Pek Boleh" tennis game in Penang Sports Club with Eng Keat organising the games for Harris, Yew Hoong, Kook Cheow playing against our seniors Eng Ghee, Chee Man. Of course Peng Huah, Peng Ewe, Chak Ming, Guan Siew & Cheng Woh came to give them support - orally lah. This shows it is not an issue of mind over matter. These guys can still perform. The night was at a local seafood joint and as you would have guessed..... talk cock session!

Come the night of 6th April, the Ah Peks started storming into OFA hall for the Get2Gather. This time there were not so much 'Ooooo!" or "Is that you!" cos the last meeting was just 10 years ago and also there were catching up's here and there after tracing each other through our website.. However there were still some who had never seen each other for 50 years. Heng Swee (Spring Tide) is one of them. Another one is Ming Lip from Melbourne who had not met everyone. Foo Lee Jin who is now blind also came and would never know how we have physically transformed cos we would always be as what he saw us... then. There were the pilots Chin Wah & Guan Siew who flew in.(of course they came by plane). Yip Mun Kong, now without his curry pop came in from Singapore.Wong Ai Wei, Tai Tet Soon, Ang Boon Beng, Wong Siew Choon, Tang CM were here this time. Lily Huah was also here. The effort they made cannot be denied .... to meet your peers who grew up together with you.

The Sixth Form girls were also here and Khoo Lian Kim brought her hubby along too. Luckily with the attendance of the fair sex these Ah Peks now behave like Ah Peks.

Everyone was talking...wonder who was listening. No wonder when Cheng Woh took the mic to ask for attention....It took a whole 5 mins to get them a little quiet to listen to what we wanted to say. Wonder if they were listening with half their ears on the MC and the other on their own private catching up conversation.

So for those who could not make it... will never have the chance to see each other this way ever again as Soon Keat says we meet in the next 50 years. Of course he can as he thinks being a recent father of a pair of twins has made him feeling as if he is 17 and not 67 years old.

Emails are trickling in thanking the committee for co ordinating the get2gather. However we feel that all we did was just informing you of this great event with the greater part played by you..... by being here.

However..... do not forget that there are also yearly get2gathers every April of the year. So check this site for info. And those who have not been receiving emails sent out most probably your email address is outdated. So email me with your new add now at info@pfs1963.com

(Eng Khuan headed the committee with Bok Kooi  taking care of the food, hall and Karaoke,  Soon Keat made the money collection, Eng Keat organised the Tennis matches and Cheng Woh did the internet and website stuff you have here)

Ever thought you would set eyes on the autographs you wrote 5o years ago. This guy Chew Ming Lip, carted all these with him to Melbourne when he migrated there. Most probably these would be the only memories of his best years of his school lifel. Little did he know he would be meeting up again - 50 years later. He was actually very excited in this get2gather and told me when I met him in Melbourne last year that he would definitely be in Penang this April. So here he is with autographs and photos that he has kept for over 50 years. The B&W class photos from Westlands and Wellesley are from him too. cw

Robert did a good job in arranging for the food and entertainment .... the karaoke setup. And Soon Keat with his style of collection which simplify the job. We targeted a sum.. With Beow as the bouncer (these guys were once the all greats in the school rugby team) collected enough to cover for the food bill, entertainment, chairs & table, hall rentals and even a left over sum to cover another 3 years for the website. Many who came to drop their money were caught unaware when Soon Keat turned them away with their RM50 notes waving in their hands. Not to worry when our pocket runs dry we will appeal to you for donation.... for the website. KIV that!  Btw.....Kuda couriered his A$100 donation.