Facebook is the fad of today. The Facebook Page enable us to connect to each other and know what each of us are getting on with life. So share and "friend" and "like" to postings made by those who have a fb account.

However before anyone of us in the batch of PFS 1963 & 6th Form 1965 can do that  ----- you will have to leave me your facebook link so that I can leave it on this page for others to friend or connect to you.

I will start off with mine. You can click on the link below and it will lead to my fb.....
If you wish to have your link available to the others please message me your link at my messenger on fb.

Cheng Woh https://www.facebook.com/petercwho
Master Cheng Hin https://www.facebook.com/cheng.hin.501
Ong Chong Hye https://www.facebook.com/chonghye.ong
Sahat Koeng https://www.facebook.com/skoeng
Chew Ming LIp https://www.facebook.com/ming.chew.90
Ong Eng Khuan https://www.facebook.com/engkhuan.ong
Phillip Yam https://www.facebook.com/klyam
Ng Kim Han https://www.facebook.com/khimhan
Robert Ong https://www.facebook.com/robert.ong.161
Lim Eng Soon https://www.facebook.com/LimEngSoon
Lim Khoon HIn https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008651539433
Mui Siew Koon https://www.facebook.com/siewkoon.mui
Hwang Theng Khing https://www.facebook.com/khing.hwang
Yeoh Hoe Thiam https://www.facebook.com/yeoh.thiam
Tang Wai Hoong https://www.facebook.com/wh.tang.7524
Tai Tet Soon https://www.facebook.com/tai.tetsoon
Chan Kok Voon https://www.facebook.com/chan.kokvoon
Leong Chow Tatt https://www.facebook.com/rickyleong.chowtatt
Ong Ai Wei https://www.facebook.com/ongo.aiwei
Yip Mun Kong https://www.facebook.com/yip.munkong
Cliff Toh Hock Chooi https://www.facebook.com/clifford.toh.1
Wong Mun San https://www.facebook.com/wong.munsan.7