Contact List
This page has addresses formated for you to copy and paste into your EMAIL program. Copy and paste enbloc the names list below into the "to" and then hit the enter button to paste everyone of them. You can then send email to everyone of us by a single stroke of the button. If it doesn't work then try the one below which is in a block.

Ang Boon Beng<boonbeng_ang@asianagri.com>,
Ashley <ashley744@gmail.com>,
Aw Chai <ykwongs@yahoo.com>,
Beh Eng Siew Jeffrey <jb@lbllaw.com.sg>,
Chan Kok Voon <kvchan45@yahoo.com>,
Chew Ming Lip <minglchew@yahoo.com.au>,
Chng Eng Kee <
Chng Kim See<jinjinnyonya@gmail.com>,
Chong Eng Keat <ekchong32@yahoo.com
Chong Fu Chu <vicchongfc@gmail.com>
Clifford Toh Hock Chooi <cliffordtoh@hotmail.com>,
Fong Lai San <fonglaisan.fls@gmail.com>,
Foong Poe Kiu<mohdilhan.abdullah@gmail.com>,
Gitu Chakravathy <gituchakravarthy@yahoo.com.sg>,
Harris Beh <harrisbeh.kl@gmail.com>,
Ho Cheng Woh Peter <petercwho@gmail.com>,
Hwang Theng Khing <khinghwang@gmail.com>,
K.C. Gan <kcgan@hongleong.com.hk>,
Kenny Lee Tiat Seng <tsla05@gmail.com>,
Khoo Kay Poh <kpkhoo2003@yahoo.com>,
Khoo Lian Kim <liankimtan@gmail.com>,
Ko Weng Wah <kowengwah@gmail.com>,
Kok Cheow Wong <kcwong118@hotmail.com>,
Kwai Lam Yam <kwailam@gmail.com>,
Lai Chak Ming <laichakming@gmail.com>,
Law Beng Kong <horse63@gmail.com>,
Lee Chin Oon Peter <abtecpg@gmail.com>,
Lee Chor Hoe <cchlep@gmail.com>,
Lee Wee Kheng <weekhenglee@gmail.com>,
Lim Eng Soon<eslim01@gmail.com>,
Lim Khoon Hin <khoonhinlim@hotmail.com>,
Low Hon Beng <lhbeng27@gmail.com>,
Lye Soon Chan <lyesc1@gmail.com>,
Michael Toh Hong Hooi<mtoh88@gmail.com>,
Mui Siew Koon<muisiewkoon@gmail.com>,
Nonnie Lim <nonlim@hotmail.com>,
Ong Chong Hye <ochrec@gmail.com >
Ong Eng Khuan <engkhuan@gmail.com>,
Ong Joo Ee <ongjooee@gmail.com>,
Ong Sok Chzeng<suchzeng@usa.net>,
Ooi Phang Hiang Ronnie <ronooi@yahoo.com>,
Ooi Teng Sun <tsunooi@yahoo.com>,
Raymond Wong Siew Choon <rwschoon@gmail.com>,
Robert Ong <ongrobert@yahoo.com>,
Robert Yam <forestyam@yahoo.com>,
Sahat bin Keong <skeong@yahoo.com>,
Sam Iyer <samiyer@gmail.com>,
Siew Koon Mui <muisiewkoon@yahoo.co.uk>,
Sim Poh Pheng Albert <alppsim@hotmail.com>,
Sin Tan <sayangcinta@hotmail.com>,
Tan Chin Keat <tanchingkeat@hotmail.com>,
Tan Siak Khim <sk@jyskgroup.com>,
Tan Soo Cheng <sctanlam@gmail.com>,
Tai Tet Soon <taitetsoon@gmail.com>,
Teoh Peng Huah <rodneyphteoh@gmail.com>,
Teoh Sek Hong <shteohsg@gmail.com>,
Toh Hong Hooi Michael <mtoh88@gmail.com>,
Yam Kwai Lam Phillip <kwailam@gmail.com>,
Yeoh Hoe Thiam <yeohhoethiam@gmail.com>,
Yew Chin Wah <yewcw@hotmail.com>,
Yip Mun Kong <yip@ewc.com.sg>,
Zainuddin <zainudin_meah1946@yahoo.co.uk>,

Expired Email address

Eu Soon Keat Jimmy <caprican@tm.net.my>,
Julian Shori <julian@julianshori.com>,
Lim Chee Boon <lcb_pg@hotmail.com>,

Low Sew Keang <formal@tm.net.my>,

Lee Kim Cheng <lee2002@po.jaring.my>,
Ricky Leong Chow Tatt <ricks@tm.net.my>
Leow Soo Kar <leow.soo.kar@busit.monash.edu.my>,
Ong Hean Tatt <onght@tm.net.my>,

Phillip Khoo Peng Jin <phillip_khoo@time.net.my>,
SK Tan <sk_tan@derma-rx.com>,
Tai Lee Sung  <taileesung@hotmail.com>,

Taquiddin Faruque <taquiddin@hotmail.com>,
Teh Guan Hoe <ghteh@hotmail.com>,
Toh Peng Ewe Peter <ericpetoh@gmail.com>,
Yeoh Kim Seng <wanyee@pl.jaring.my>,

Note: Should you need addresses and phone no. to any of our classmates 1963 drop me a line. My email is below.

Cheng Woh info@pfs1963.com