Lim Guan Siew, Ashley

I was researching a person from a company in Malaysia we are considering to partner with. Imagine (to) my surprise and great pleasure to discover your ( web page and contact details.
I retired from flying in 2006, settling in Ireland. Returning to college here, I 'retooled' and qualified as a chef. While working at the restaurant in the Radisson, I came into contact with the CEO of the Pilot Training College in Waterford. He offered me a job to upkeep their 'standards', and so I returned to Aviation.
I checked out your ( page and the photographs brought back old memories. Of course, it took me a while to readjust my perception of how all my old classmates look like now. Its been 47 years and it would be great to reconnect with you all.
Kind Regards,

Here is a photo of me and wife. We are in Ireland.